Why Humans Are Beautiful

My new friend, Cutter, asked me about a week ago what my art is. I crafted a long winded response in a journal I’m keeping for another class, but I’ve decided to throw it out the window to share two links with you today.

Writing is my art, because humanity is to me living, breathing art. Every human has a story. It may be a boring story or a poorly written story, but it’s there. To me, music, sculpture, poetry, etc. are extensions of the humans who created them.

Below are two fantastic examples of why I look at humans as the ultimate art form. The first link is to an article about the New England Patriots v. Cincinnati Bengals game on Sunday, where the Patriots cheerleaders opted to wear Bengals jerseys for a deeply powerful reason.

Click here to read the article on sunnyskyz.com

The second link is to an interview between Raven-Symoné and Oprah about Raven’s sexuality, but more importantly, her desire to just be human.

Click here to watch the interview on upworthy.com


2 thoughts on “Why Humans Are Beautiful

  1. I love this! I always look at artists and their work as a branch of themselves as well so having you articulate that idea so well is very captivating. These examples were also great and interesting to check out!


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