Perception v Passion

It’s difficult for me to pay attention to things that feel completely and utterly useless. I like to be passionate about everything that I’m involved with, including my classes. As I get closer to finishing my bachelor’s degree, I find myself becoming frustrated. Why do I need to completely redesign my resume for the 80th time in 4 years when I have a career that I love? Is the grade worth the time?

Yesterday morning, I would have said no. I would much rather focus on the assignments relevant to my career, to my writing, etc. Then, a coworker and I grabbed dinner, and my brother and I grabbed dessert. In the span of 6 hours, my perception completely changed.

I still think it’s completely ridiculous that I’ve had, on average, one class per SEMESTER that requires I turn in a resume in a completely different format. However, my classes, whatever their faults, are valuable as long as I adjust the lens through which I see them.

During dinner, my coworker and I discussed different ideas for increasing productivity in our department. As I talked, her face became more and more disbelieving until she stopped me and said, “You have to get your degree. You have to get your degree so that no one can [turn down your ideas] based on the fact that you don’t have that expensive-ass piece of paper.”

Dessert with my brother created another opportunity for someone to change my mind on my classes. He and I talked at length about his LLC and the direction he’s hoping to move. I realized that even if my classes mean nothing to me as a professional, they mean a lot to him. Maybe I don’t need to understand the business of press releases personally, but I can take the time to learn those skills to move him to the next stage.

If I can approach my last 8 classes (4 this semester, 4 next semester) with this attitude, through this lens of gaining skill and knowledge because I can use it to help and inspire others down the line, the frustration should largely stop.

Other than, there’s this class I’m sitting in right now. I’m willing to bet the textbook is more interesting than the professor. I should probably spend the $29 on the textbook before I miss too many more assignments.


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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