Me versus The Blog

Good morning!

I wanted to clarify something, mostly for my own good, but also just in case you, dear reader, are curious.

(That was A LOT of commas for one sentence.)

I have been blogging for . . . a week? Three weeks? Before this, I had the worst blog on the internet, which I deleted in a fit of common sense. I was all over the flipping place, and no one wanted to read it.

Now, I’m trying to focus. I am passionate about approximately 75 different things. I will probably mention them now and again because when someone loves something, that something tends to bleed in to EVERYTHING. However, I will not be writing posts about those other passions. This isn’t the place for it.

(Unless Denny Hamlin wins the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship. That will at least garner an image post.)

The point of this blog is writing, specifically my continuing journey to completing VHAMA and assorted writing challenges (so far, I love the challenges generated by WordPress itself). The point of this blog is not to write about my wedding plans, my Microsoft Office obsession, or my real world job, although when relevant, they may make an appearance. Because other elements of design and media inspire the way I approach my writing, those posts will show up, though defined in their own categories.

This is very important to me to define for myself so that I do not get side-tracked. I’m a hair A.D.D. and tend to forget my purpose.

Of course, if you want to know more about something I mention, please ask. If you’re trying to figure out something in Microsoft Publisher and you only know two people who have even heard of the program, then ask. I love reading questions and helping out, regardless of the topic.


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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