What Are You Afraid Of?

Time for another post inspired by my life coach-of-the-moment.

Tell me, what are you afraid of? Specifically, what are you afraid of achieving? What do you want so passionately in your secret heart that you’re afraid to share it with the world?

Examining that question really allows me to boil down my two pages of goals into three utterly simple things:

  1. I want, possibly more than anything, to write a novel that will change the universe.
    Screw the Great American Novel. I want the Great Universal Novel. I want aliens to dig up our society 3000 years from now, after irresponsibility has killed our species, and install my words in the lessons they teach their offspring.
  2. Somewhat less impressive, but still important, I want to become a VP at my current company . . . before I hit 30.
    I’m learning, slowly, that I can be effective in a leadership role. My current position is only 4 steps below a VP, and I have big ideas. I’m a designer. I’m an idealist. I’m the daughter of one of the most effective managers in the company. That’s what makes me effective.
  3. I want to be a mom
    It’s simple. I love my husband-to-be. We have an incredible support system in AZ, and I’m sure we will build one wherever else our journey takes us. I want to add a sleeping-eating-pooping machine to the mix so that Justin and I have someone to pass our wisdom on to–and the kid would be our captive audience for 18 years. How great is that?

Do you have a top 3? Do you have one end-all fear that you’re afraid to whisper? Will you tell me?


2 thoughts on “What Are You Afraid Of?

  1. I very much enjoyed reading this post, and multiple other posts on your blog. They’re very real, and I feel like you are sharing valuable words of wisdom that are very inspiring. I love your number one goal- your passion definitely seeps through it, and due to this I feel like you’ll make it happen. I find goal three equally as wonderful. Thank you for being vulnerable and honest.


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