Doing Scary Things

Writing prompts have always been a favorite challenge of mine, but the end results always end up in a password-protected file on my computer. A couple of days ago, I did the writing prompt from The Daily Post and hit publish without a single edit. The story ended up being over 1000 words, most of it awkward and unrefined. Most people would suggest editing the story down and refining it before hitting publish.

It was more important for me to publish the story immediately. There is something completely terrifying to me about letting people see my raw work, especially in a story that straddles the line of fiction and reality. At the same time, I knew that if I let myself edit the story, I would end up deleting the whole thing. That’s not brave and it doesn’t help me become a better writer.

Instead, YOU can find the story here and critique it if you wish. Tell me something that worked and something that didn’t. With your advice, I’ll rework the story in a couple of weeks and post it again.

What have you done to pull yourself out of your comfort zone? What brave step have you taken?


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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