People Who Know You

Whoever said women couldn’t do it all – be amazing, nurturing mothers and badass career women–never met my mom. She the #1 person on my list of heroes.

Aside from being someone people should study in history books, she is the most important person in my life. She’s my mom and dad, the person who will walk me down the aisle when I get married in May. I would not be me without her.

As selfish as this sounds, I am so grateful to have a mother who knows me well enough to understand what it means when I add Fireball to my martini, just hours after holding my closest friends’ newborn little boy.

If there’s one thing that matters in this life, have people who know you. Have people who can set you straight. Have one person in your life who can tell you that 4 Fire-Apple-Martinis is 3 too many. You will never gain anything if you try to make it alone. Human are social, so be human. Let one person in. Hell, let the wrong person in. You’ll learn more about yourself and your limits and your flaws by listening.


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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