My professor/career-coach-of-the-moment asked us as a collective to identify our passions, and then categorize them. It was an exercise to help us determine what to blog about. Even though I can bore you to death with my most intense passion at the drop of a hat (VHAMA, Devin, and why Chapter Five is being a bitch in this revision), I did the exercise anyway. I ended up with a list of about 60 items. I’m a very passionate person.

I am lucky, absurdly lucky, to be living a fulfilling life at the age of 23. A lot of people my age are either irresponsible or too responsible, and they find themselves stuck doing what they think other people expect.

That’s not to say I shun doing what others expect of me. I pay my rent, I finish my projects at work, and I do my schoolwork.  However, I also follow my passion, my ultimate passion, to wherever it leads me.

At 19, I became a waitress so that I could write about waiting tables. I met two fellow writers who went on to become my most trusted critique partners and close friends.

At 21, I enrolled at Arizona State University in the Architecture program so that I could better articulate my settings. I discovered that I LOVE architecture, industrial design, graphic design, interior design, and studio classes.

Less than 10 months later, I was offered a job in Washington, which would allow me to live in the state that inspired so much of my writing. I decided not to apply to the second year of the Architecture program and disappear to the unknown. The good news was I loved Washington, in general. I loved spending the day on the piers with my sister, dawdling at Westlake Center, and driving around the country side. The bad news was I hated my job and being so far from any social interaction, especially after my sister moved back to Arizona.

After 5 months, I was promoted to a position in Tempe, where I work now. I am back in school, finishing a degree in Design Studies. I work 40-50 hours a week bastardizing Microsoft Office programs for my department. What most people need Adobe Creative suite to do, I can do in Microsoft. I love to see my bosses faces when I finish a project. I really love my job.

This is what “follow your passion” means to me. It hasn’t been easy–Washington sucked–but it’s been amazing.

Next year, I’m taking a new risk. I’m following a different passion. I will be graduating and getting married in May, and following my husband to Chicago shortly after. I can’t wait to see what new adventure waits for me there.


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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